The end of November and the beginning of December.

  1. So much happening in life these days and yet I find reasons to be depressed.
  2. Work, work, work.
  3. SMS is the social life line. E-mail follows close second. Chatting is reserved for Payal, and that too not daily. Phone is only for Dee.
  4. Nursing a punch on my left eye. It changes color daily. So I can tell you like a weatherman, today the clouds over my eye were less blue and more purple. And that there is forming an area of low pressure region above the temple and around the eye brow. Discovered a contraption called eye pad, which made me look like a retired pirate of the Arabian.
  5. Attended an internal training session on Hofstede’s cultural theory. Supposedly a very interesting and useful tool to map insights. Haven’t got time to work on it yet.
  6. Planning to use more of MS-Word’s blog document feature so that this blog will look more like my non-existent twitter update page. Don’t know when will it happen actually.
  7. Having lots of dreams these days. It is surprising ‘cos I generally have a dreamless sleep. Daydreaming helps. But not working these days. Yes, to think of it, I haven’t daydreamed much for some time. Relates directly to point number 1 and 2. The day before yesterday, my ex-boss visited and told me to work more and more and not look for gains as yet. Yesterday night, I got a piece of mind of my someday-soon-to-be father-in-law. Really, getting in trouble with authorities these days. And yes, mother-in-law refused to acknowledge my presence.
  8. And as always, there were a lot may things to be communicated that now have vanished conveniently into thin air.

C ya soon.


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