the first time they talked

i guess he first talked to her on some summer afternoon in the year 2006. if i knew what she was going to be in his life, ‘his life’, i would have noted down the exact date and time of that phone call. was it just a coincidence that a very dear friend of ours was with two aquarian friends of her own that day? yeah, that triggered it, of all things a shared zodiac…is this how soul mates meet? by accidents?

though i don’t believe in all this gooey stuff, the wizened old man that i’ve now become, what matters is that he does. they both do.

the next time he talked to her she was doing the laundry at her house. so to the background noise of a washing machine, she listened to his gyaan-giving session about how she should drop her teaching career and really do this journalism course and follow her dreams and all that…imagine talking to a girl for only the second time and giving unsolicited life advice!

anyways, and looking back at it, am not actually surprised at how they managed to talk to each other later on. he was coming out of a painful past and she was at the end of one rocky relationship. so a few months later, he decided that he wants to talk to her for the rest of his life. though i can guarantee you that he’s not much of a talker, kinda boring fella. he asked her whether she would like to be with him in the years ahead. after a minor pause, she said yes. (by the way, that part of the story you can read here.)

it has been more than 6 years now and they have been continuously at each other’s throat… i mean talking to each other day after day, everyday. these past few months though there has been a break of sorts.

now they don’t get to talk to each other that much. and when they do, it is all about the things that are keeping them apart. like today, on the day of her favorite festival, he hasn’t talked to her for 23 hours. today, they are alone, surrounded by happy, smiling people around them.

and i’m worried about them.

i don’t know what the future holds for them. whether they’ll finally be together, talking for the rest of their lives or whether silence will take over the world that they’ve tried building together.

if it happens, i don’t want to write about the time they’ll last talk to each other. i guess i won’t be able to.


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