the Physical Mind

a piece of thought, from my diary

November 26, 2005 11:40pm
…i’m not a physical person, i never was. most of my existence revolves around the thought process, i live with & in my mind. if given a chance, i would like to do everything by sheer mindpower, without even lifting a finger.
no doubt, that also defines me as a lazy fella. lazy yes, invalid not.

i enjoy physical excursions. i’ve enjoyed playing cricket every single time, especially hitting my big bro all over the park – that happenned rarely though, but it was some celebration. i would like to go trekking every weekend & i dream of making mad passionate love to my love. but. the keyword here is ‘dream’, ‘wish’.

i tend to think about a thing & enjoying it more than actually doing it. i derive all my pleasures by thought.

My Newest Resolution
“I’ll never be ashamed of anything now”

That roughly transcribes to loving life fully, without any guilt factor. Jo ho gaya, so ho gaya, jo kaha, so kiya, usmein koi sharm nahin, total bindaas. period. thing is, will i be able to pull it off?
Just last to last sunday, i made a resolution never-ever to be late again. God knows, I’m reaching office, even later than my previous timings. That’s what happens to my resolutions. All air, pof, whoosh….gone.
and new year is round the corner…
November 27, 2005 12:10am

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