the talking pictures tag

pictures that talk and tell you a lot…

i’ve been tagged by starry starry nights. she writes good & somehow gets loads of clicks on her blog.
man, am i jealous.

anyways, that blog deserves this huge traffic. just have a look at,

here i go,

desired celebrity

sachin tendulkar or maybe the ‘me’ of future

sachin for all the humility he has, despite being the no.1 sportsperson in this part of the world & me because of the many promises i hold within.

want to do this someday

act in movies & theatre, be a vj & rj, make documentaries, write loads of stuff & hopefully get published too, bungee jump from the eiffel tower, be the big name in the indian advertising industry, travel all around the world, buy a football club, heck, why not travel to uranus & back…

this life is too short to do all the things i wanna do.

god i need more.

a place i would wanna visit

this is really difficult, i’ll list the first three spots that came into my mind.

the valley of flowers in uttaranchal, india

the pyramids

the city of vienna

basically sweetheart, the world is waiting.

random favourite

words. always.

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