the twenty sixth of january

‘India celebrated(?) her Independence on the 15th of August, 1947. But it was on January 26,1950 that she became a nation in the true sense. On this day, India became a Republic with a Constitution and elected representatives of the people. With this, Republic Day became the most important day in the history of (modern) India.’ This is what we teach our children about the Republic Day.

So how did you celebrate the Republic Day? Or did you celebrate at all? Does this day holds any significance for us- the youth, the future of the country?

Ain’t we taking some things for granted? Little things like democracy, freedom and India herself? Is patriotism becoming the ‘buzz word’ for two days in the year only? Do we have time for India amongst our so busy lives?

My mother sometimes narrates how my Nanaji (Maternal Grandfather) celebrated this day. For him, Jan. 26th coupled with Aug. 15th were the two most important days in the whole year. On this day he would go to the Rajpath to watch the parade in the morning. Coming back he would motivate the reluctant household in to a celebratory mode, nah, not the household but the whole neighrbourhood was seen celebrating the day with him. Distributing sweets, coaxing Naniji to prepare ‘Gajar ka Halwa’, telling children the importance of the occasion and feeling one with the soul of India.

Sometimes, I feel we’ve lost it somewhere. That umblical cord which bound us to our nation is being severed. We are like the children who feel all grown-up now, remembring our mother only on certain dates in the calendar. Why have we become like that?


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