this weirdness of mine – II

aditi tagged me to list some of my weirdness here. i’ve actually done this tag before, but when dear twin commands, how can i refuse 😉

here’s the original one, yes appu, i haven’t learned the ‘link’ trick yet 🙁


01. watch lizie mc’guire on disney when i’m particularly blue
02. love the globe. in all its forms. somehow, the very idea of so many people and places co-existing together, at this very moment amazes me.
03. used to be a green thumber. perhaps still am, but space restrictions are just too much. my first plant was an okra/lady’s finger one and today i’ve brought same for lunch.
04. have an utmost, almost in-born curiosity to know what the other person is carrying in his/her, bag/jhola/briefcase/whatever. perhaps it grew out from childhood when mother used to bring goodies back and i would search every nook and cranny of her purse/shopping bags for something meant for me.
05. am moody like the english weather. rain, sunshine, storm, breeze… all in a matter of minutes.
06. am in love with the very idea of love. and i won’t explain it here.
07. can be amazed by the most mundane of things. taken from point 2. chatting to pheebes/twin in chicago/mumbai for example. or all the world’s emotions fitting in these 26 letters. or the daily cup of tea. it can be anything, anytime.
08. am using the word ‘types’ very much these days. like, ‘the weird types’ folks.
09. talk perhaps too much in my sleep. somedays, i wake up and see that, i-know-what-you-did-last-day types smile on ma/pa’s face.

now, i do think that i’ve crossed the prescribed limit of 6 habits to post. and this time i won’t tag anyone, ‘cos ppl. haven’t done there previous tag yet.

Head of Diego by Alberto Giacometti; Image: © Christie’s Images/CORBIS; Creator Name: Alberto Giacometti; Date Created: 1956


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