this weirdness of mine

tagged by aklant to list atleast six weird things about me, i’ve been scratching my head for the past one week or so. the world outside seemed full of weirdos & strangely there was nothing weird enough in me…
but i persevered and these are what i found. i respect my friends’ discretion enough to invite them to add to this list.


  • often forget the difference between yesterday & tommorrow.
  • can’t eat without distracting myself from the actual eating process.
  • can’t walk in a straight line. zigzag works best for me.
  • sing old hindi songs when ‘m really blue. lata, rafi, mukesh & kishore are the favourites.
  • religiously go through every packaging instruction and mandatories.
  • ‘m too bad with locks. even if i’ve locked the lock properly, and i know it perfectly well, my whole day will be spent in dread of what if…
  • love water, but ‘m very much scared of any natural water body. something within tells me there is some crocodile/octopus/shark hidden below that’ll grab my leg and pull me down.
  • i sign blog comments putting the ‘word verification letters’ before my name.
  • being french cut/hagrid/dee’s friend ‘m fully qualified for any weirdness award.

and this can continue, provided i think hard and scratch more of my head.

and next, ‘m tagging jess, starry nights, meet_me, apsy, peenuts & dumbfunk.

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