through the window pane: traveling in time with the Delhi Metro

imagine your metro has just left the Yamuna Bank station on its way towards Indraprastha, (you need to be going towards Dwarka on the blue line for this) and you’re just crossing the Yamuna. you look up from the book you are reading and midway to the horizon you see a passenger train crossing the old iron bridge, slowly, like it is the first train ever to cross the first iron bridge in time. in the distance you see the glistening golden spire of the Shanti Stupa and a little to its right, the dove white dome of Humayun’s Tomb. farther away shrouded in fog or mist or dust depending on whether it is winter or rain or summer stand the tall office buildings of the Nehru Place complex. and just coming on your right are the IP power station chimneys slowly letting out steam like huge cups and saucers. seems that the hidden giants to whom these belong have come for a picnic on the bank and might come into view anytime now.

morning after morning, this view never ceases to transport me to a long lost time, when Delhi as we know was still young and Yamuna flowed pristine and pure and where, an iron train crossing an old iron bridge above an iron grey river was still a sight to be amazed of.

despite the never ending queues, the chicken coop compartments, and the people who don’t give a second thought to others’ comfort…traveling by Delhi metro still holds some treasures. this was perhaps my favorite of the many moments i cherish. would love to know your favorite bits, from your ‘Delhi Metro’ journeys.

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