this week is going berserk
and m not going anywhere
have worked till the level of exhaustion
and more is to come

god, m completely tired
and loving it 😉

btw, have not read any blogs, m sorry blog friends. starry, pheebes, aditi and others. pino, maaf kar de bhai.

talked to sukhen after two years. he is one of the dearest people i met while in annamalai university, chidambaram. friendship flowed soon. and quite good bond we’d. and somewhere down the line, we lost it. there was dave, the gujarati bhai; atul and sunil- the jammu guys; ankur- apna haryanvi and sangeeta, my tamil akka. only sangeeta is in touch. and very busy too. how we make friends, and how we lose them. seems we try too hard. shud let life take its own course.

today is the start of navaratri. the change-of-season festival when goddess durga comes visiting our abodes. this is the start of months long festival season. durga pooja, dussehra, diwali till christmas and new year celebrations.

wishing all of you the very best in life.

have to talk a lot more. next time, maybe.

the image is of me n rashmi. one of the happier moments. becoming rare these days.


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