to love, with thanks to debra n helena

on the edge of seeing
when nothing is left to be seen

on the edge of life
when nothing is left to be lived

i wait for her

wondering, what dreams she needs to be stirred enough of

to pick that pen and paper
and give me something to look back upon

on the edge of desires
all i need, is a letter from her

this is something i wrote in response to a comment left by debra on my previous post. she has a fantastic blog which you can visit at
this is what she says in her introduction, “I’m a British writer living in Amsterdam. I like to think that being an utsider adds something to my writing, but I can’t say for sure. I work on the Friends of the Earth International website, where I write, edit, program…”
do visit her blog, ‘nothing to write home about’, it’ll be much better than that;)

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