two more blogs

yes, today i go for the gusto. ahem, its an official announcement guys.

i’ve divided delhidreams into two.

now the more mundane, daily thoughts and niggles of my mind will appear on this blog, here. delhidreams will be relegated to the outburts of the poetic kind 🙂

and then, there is this other blog, here, on which i’ll be posting the stuff i read and think worthy to be shared with you. i’d a wordpress blog (here) devoted to the same stuff but sadly not many of you were interested in it. thought that bringing it to blogger might be easy for you guys. it is certainly easy for me 🙂 and i’ll be posting those old posts on this blog also, ‘cos they contain some of my most favourite poetry and prose.

all this while you’ve somehow managed to be a part of delhidreams. i know it has taken some effort and iron will on your part. be assured that you’ll be tested even more on these two blogs. with my relentless approach, we’ll continue to interact as before.

oh yes, there is one more experiment that i would love to translate into a shared experience someday. so you might have to cope with one more blog from me, soon 🙂

anyways, thanks for being there always.

– adee


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