kori mitti ki haandi hai kori
kore kapde se bandhi dori kori
kori hai agni, dhara kori kori
kori hai vayu, nadi kori kori
kora sajan mera, main sajni kori
kora mera prem, mukti meri kori

can’t translate it. maybe shadows will help or an anonymous who translated ‘woh firak kya, woh visaal kya’ for me.

the idea is of the love i have being equivalent to the moksha (salvation) i’ll achieve on death. if i do, that is 🙂 and both being new, virgin experiences, as in hindu mythology, everything is part of the one god, nothing new, nothing old.

the scene is of a hindu cremation ground, with the words roughly translating to the newness, virginality of it all. that the new earthen urn, in which my ashes are kept is also made of virgin soil. it is covered with a new cloth and tied at the neck with a new thread. the fire that has burned me, is also virgin like the ground on which my pyre was burned. the wind that stroke the fire is also new, as well as the river in which my ashes will be immersed. the beloved is also virgin, as i, his lover am. and the love we share is virgin, as the salvation i’ll achieve will be.


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