sorry for not being here, blogging and being in touch with you. there are some matters, that have become very important and need to be sorted out before i write & post again. hope to be back soon.

– adi

replying to comments


shadows: tere shabdon se darr lagne lagta hai kabhi kabhi. aur teri sacchai se bhi.
anil: evil eyes, indeed.


alok, cuckoo, gillian, sugar: thanks for everything.

alok, gillian, ashish, aadeee, sugar, ben, dharma, mindslide: thanks for the wonderful comments.
maddie: even if i were, what difference would it have made to my life?
dust: thanks for the translation. thanks from the heart, dost.
dee: haan. aur uske alawa jaroorat bhi nahi kisi aur shabd ki.
starry: m sorry lalitha, but i might not be here for sometime. hope u and our sister are good. me & dee are living our lives, together.


aditi, alok, ss: thanks guys.
hdwk: haan ye krishan ka hi kathan hei, arjun ke liye. ye title isliye, kyonki this was originally posted as a comment on dee’s post of the same name. she posted it here to remind me of the answers within.
gillian: yes, it is. this is shri krishna with his devout arjun at the battle of kurukshetra in the epic mahabharata.
endevourme: thanks and welcome to delhidreams. hope to find you here when i come back.
mindslide: m so sorry friend, couldn’t translate it for you. not now. maybe later sometime. or somebody else can try. i request him/ her to.


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