what i am is what i wanted to be

when i was little, and at various times during this littlehood, i wanted to be an astronomer, a train driver, a pilot, a businessman, a matchbox collector, a professor and various other people that i eventually didn’t become. and maybe because i couldn’t be any of them, that i became a writer. as only in writing i found out that i could be anyone and everyone.

perhaps, it was fate that nudged me towards it. perhaps, it was my faith in myself that did it. (look at me talking like an accomplished literary personality, i’ve not even been published yet) what i do know for sure is that when you really ache for something you need, some sort of alchemy happens and you get it. really. it doesn’t look that obvious in the beginning, when the hurt is raw and the wound is sore, but wishes, genuine springing from the heart-well wishes do get fulfilled.

maybe, all of us are already what we’ve always (deep down our subconscious) wanted to be. maybe, we all are works in progress towards our eventual destiny. or maybe, all we need to change our fate is to have faith in our ability.

what do you think?

-adee @delhidreams


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