agar / if


agar main kahun
ki jab woh hansti hai
tab uski naak khinchti hai bade pyaar se
aur chaar lakeerein khinch jati hain us pe dono taraf
toh kya ye kavita hogi?

agar main kahun
ki uski palkein acchi lagti hain jab
chooti hain mere chehre ko
aur saans ruk jati hai meri tab
toh kya ye kavita hogi?

agar main kahun us se
mujhse likha nahi jata ab kuch
ke ab main sochta hoon ab sirf tujhe
har ghadi, har pal, har dhadkan
toh kya ye kavita hogi?

jab main kehta hoon us se ye sab kuch
wo kehti hai, bikher do shabdon ko kagaj par
bus saj jayegi kavita khud hi
ab tumhi batao dost
kaisi wo kavita hogi?


if i say
that when she laughs
her nose stretches very beautifully
and four lines form on it at both sides
will that be a poem?

if i say
that her eye-lashes feel good
when they touch my face
and my breath stops at that time
will that be a poem?

if i say to her
i can’t write these days
the only thing that occupies my mind is you
each moment, each second, each heartbeat
will that be a poem?

when i say all this to her
she says, just sprinkle these words on paper
a poem will decorate (take form) itself
now you tell me dear friend
what a poem that’ll be?

have not been blog-surfing or writing much these last few days. though work has been hectic, the main reason is, i haven’t found words to tell what meeting her last time was like. just that ki we both felt more complete with each other, and as the days go by, only when we are together, that feeling of whole is there, rest we are incomplete. anyways, that not writing about us last time got me into a block, somewhat. till i talked to her last evening. then she said, u just spread those words on the paper, a poem will come to life itself.

and i love her.

so much.

p.s. it’s sunday today and m at office, for some big-shot presentations. but the mind, and the heart and everything that i’ve is with her. wish i was with her now.

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