in moments like these

i wrote this in my diary, this Saturday morning. haven’t edited it much 🙂

it is a grey Saturday morning. there is a faint drizzle going on outside for the past two hours or so. i’m waiting for her at home and we’ve a lot planned up for today.

her phone is unreachable because of the daily worsening Tata network and i’ve no idea by when she’ll be arriving. till then, it is quite a lazy beginning to the day. just had my tulsi-ginger tea and as had been my ‘ritual’, was searching for Vikram Seth’s book of collected poems to savor it with. Swati’s Gulzar book caught my eye, but i wanted to read something in English. couldn’t find Seth, but found a collection of Tagore’s poems translated in English. the first and only one that i’ve read till now (its been half an hour) is titled ‘Gift’. it is about the poet thinking about a true gift to give to his love, his friend. he thinks about many options, like a morning song, an evening light, flowers, gems, but then he feels everything will wither and lose its charm eventually,
“…And fall forgotten to the dust 
To turn into dust”

later, he finds a solution in nature and offers fleeting moments of epiphany’s as gifts to them because,

“Truest treasure is fleeting
It sparkles for a moment, then goes
…No hand, nor word can reach it
Friend, whatever you take of it, 
On your own, 
Without asking, without knowing, let that
Be yours.
Anything i can give you is trifling
Be it a flower, or a song.”

(you can read the complete poem on my other blog, here
it was this poem that prompted me to record these moments here. moments of Shiva’s hymn playing in the background (gifted by a dear friend), of green wet parrots creating a ruckus outside in the faint sunshine of a rainy morning, of warm tea and careful unwrapping-wrapping of a packet of biscuits lest they get stale, of a hundred things to do that are now coming back to my mind as the magic of the moment fades but most of all, i wrote here today, for the beauty that carefully chosen words create, as a thanksgiving to God to be allowed this experience and somehow (i don’t know how it all connects!), and somehow to tell her, that i love her, that her love is a miracle which i feel coming true in moments like these.

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