random comments

these r some comments i left on my blog journey today…

first one to go is meet_me’s blog, she is a dear friend in canada, u can reach her blog at http://fragrant-echoes.blogspot.com/

this is what i commented on one of her posts…(in hindi)

koi hai jo bin awaaj aa jati hai/
chupke se mere dareeche mein kadam rakhti hai/
bina kahe kitna kuch keh jaati hai/
janu kya? woh tanhai hai ya uski yaad hai…

and more on another post,

the ppl who comment on ur blog r very good at heart… they can feel ur pain and ur happiness… but wat they cant understand and wait for is to let life take its own course… actually u cant also, and neither do me… life is like an amazing novel u’ve just started to read, u have a fair inkling of what’s round the corner, what turn the story might take, but u dont know it…nobody knows for that matter… but here lies the basic difference, when reading a novel, we accept what the author has written, almost blindly we follow what is written… so deep we r immersed in those pages, but in life we miss that point, we tend to complain what should be, not what is… the problem is we are not half as immersed in our lives as we tend to be in a good book or a movie or a song… we r just not living enough… and to tell you more, this is all theory which i’m just remotely, most faintly realizing… m no philosopher, but let me see, how i reach where i’ve to go…

and another,
geee…thanks buddy 😉

02.) “stains to live with part II’
this post is just wonderful, u must read it on aklanta’s blog, here’s the id, http://onthewalk.blogspot.com/

and here’s what i posted in the comments section
so true buddy,’daag sach mein acche hain’this same happenned to me, i was crazy about dogs though… me n my brother wud pick them up from any where and everywhere, bring them home, wash them up, feed them, give them fancy names like ‘moti’ (pearl) or ‘james bond’ or ‘johnny’ and god knows what.these little guest would stay in our home for some time, till mummy got fed-up with them and we’d to look up for altermated housing options.some stayed with us for years though and became an integral part of our childhood.i miss those days.

03.) actually there’s much more, but gotta go… see u next time

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